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arts collaboration

anam creative: arts collaboration is a new paid opportunity for musicians and visual artists aged from 18 – 25.

our aims

  • to provide paid opportunities for young artists.

  • to support artists in developing their practices through collaboration.

  • to facilitate discussions for artists to gain insight into alternative disciplines.

  • to support new working relationships within the creative industries.

  • to refine and exhibit new creative work at the end of the project. 

  • to work towards a cohesive vision that will strengthen anam creative's reach and output.


we are looking to commission three musicians and two visual artists to join anam creative and work on a brand new collaborative project over the course of three months.

collaborations will take place remotely, using an online file-sharing page available on the anam creative website. 

weekly meetings will take place over zoom, which will give members a chance to connect, align visions and generate ideas.

this project is funded by Creative Scotland.


applicants should have developed their practice to a high level and have access to sufficient equipment at home to create their work.

we are looking for confident, reliable, positive and open-minded creatives to join our incredible community.

it is important that we include a diverse team for this project, so musicians and artists from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


this position is part-time and flexible. 

collaborators will be paid following the Scottish Artists Union Rate of £23 per hour.

the total fee is £1,702.

how to apply

applications are now closed!

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