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"My name is Ben, I am a sound artist, producer and musician based in Glasgow. I’ve just graduated from GSA’s ‘Sound for Moving Image’ course where I spent my last year dodging COVID and making audiovisual work about dyslexia (I'm a big dyslexic). I've been working with old VHS cameras and making original sound/music in my recent work and I hope to continue to do so for as long as it makes me happy."


"I love making things with people. This is the only opportunity I’ve ever seen where the sole aim has been to collaborate, for lack of better words, with no hidden agenda (e.g. work with so and so for exposure). anam are doing something that I feel is essential - giving artists space and time to collaborate by not asking them to do it for free; it’s a madness, and I really wanted to be a part of that. It has also been a cheat code for meeting and working with people who are from different backgrounds and specialise in stuff I have no clue about."



"The project has given me time to just make things with no real worry about the final outcome. This is something that doesn’t come around often. By being given the time to just make, I’ve been able to give myself the time to try new things and not be hard on myself for making something I usually wouldn’t be over the moon with."



"I would love to see this ‘arts collaboration’ as an opportunity again, it’s been sick. I would also like to see anam expand and offer more collaborative experiences like this one, maybe with a focus on different, or more specific, disciplines e.g a creative writing collaboration. As anam grows it would be great to see guests, specific to relevant disciplines, leading some workshops (or weekly meetings) to help the artists gain more connections. I know this is very much down the line, but anam working with schools would be amazing to see. I don’t think there are enough people demystifying the arts for school kids and I think anam would be great at this. Finally anam in person, face to face would be the dream!" 

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