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"My name is Lily and I am a sculptor and textiles artist. I am interested in exploring place, memory and landscape through texture, form and imagery. I work with mild steel in my metalwork, and naturally dyed wool in my textiles work. I want to create spaces in which people can gather, allowing occasions and memories to take place. I am always inspired by shadows and want to create objects which point outside of themselves to human presence and hold traces of the body in them – like shadows do, but represented in a much more tangible, less ephemeral way."


"I applied for this opportunity because I was really excited by the prospect of collaborating with other creatives, and especially musicians as this isn't something I've done before. When I saw the opportunity being advertised as a paid position, I knew that the role would allow me to continue to grow my artistic practice in a professional setting while also making a fair wage from it. I was encouraged by how Michiel had secured this funding and felt that the project would be really well structured." 



"This project has really helped me grow in confidence. First of all, I think the application process was really well thought out, with the visual portfolio and written element, I really enjoyed creating this for a professional application. It has been a very formative and influential job to do over the summer, it has shown me how collaborative creative projects should be carried out and given me a standard to work with going forward. Making new work almost every week was definitely a great pace to work at. It created an exciting and open environment for the group." 



"I can envisage anam creative becoming a real hub for opportunity, for up-and-coming artists and creatives. Projects like this give such great experience to new artists and I can see a real community and network forming between different groups involved with anam." 

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