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"I am a multi-disciplinary artist and I consider my practice to follow two parallel lines. The first involves film-making; through the use of a wide range of cinematic languages and techniques, I aim to explore the human, investigating its psychology by attempting to render into frames the indescribable constructs of the mind such as dreams, visions and memories. The second is computer art, with which I want to explore the post-human, or what's outside of our own sphere: the environment, AI, the universe. I find it fascinating that thanks to the computer, we can perceive what’s around us in a new way, manipulating data once inaccessible and indigestible by most so that it can be experienced in newly universalized ways by everyone. These two parallels, seemingly opposite from each other, are connected by my desire to describe what’s unseen or imperceivable, from the internal changes in the human mind because of the birth of a new idea to the external changes in the environment caused by global warming."


"I've always enjoyed collaborating on projects, be it events organisation or audiovisual creation. The pandemic basically nullified or complicated these kinds of working modalities so I found it very interesting to finally be able to get back to it in an environment in which collaboration can thrive from zero instead of tailoring images to a ready-made piece." 



"As a working-class artist, I've always had to swing between "normal" work and artistic work in a very tiring dance. This commission provided me with time that I could use as wisely as possible - at least this is what I felt like. I've learned so many things, read books on matters that interested me the most, and shared my vision with other people who also shared theirs with me. It was an all-rounded developing experience, from an intellectual point of view to a personal point of view. I've also achieved some kind of routine of study and work that I aim to continue because the project allowed me to ask myself "what do I want to do today?" and just dive in!" 



"I feel like anam could become a lot of things, from exhibition space to workshop space to a funding organization - all things that I really wish will happen. The project started with a very fresh point of view on culture and creatives alike and I want this freshness to keep going." 

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