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catching up with sam welch

Sam is a Glasgow-based mixing and mastering engineer and producer. When he's not in the studio, Sam is out recording on location using a wide section of vintage, boutique and state-of-the-art equipment. He works with Scottish and international musicians, mixing remotely for a variety of artists in various places (as well as recording in wild and wonderful locations). Some of his previous clients include Snoop Dogg, Eddi Reader and Pusha T. 

Founder of anam creative, Michiel, talks to Sam about his love of instruments, future ambitions and the state of contemporary experimental collaboration. Michiel took photographs of Sam in his charming Southside home, which is another DIY endeavour of his (minimalist art or soundproofing panels? We'll let readers decide).


MT: Can you tell us about your professional experience as a sound engineer?

SW: I started out working as an assistant sound engineer and recording engineer in the folk scene. Now I find myself doing more mixing work in a wide range of scenes between Glasgow and the US. I really enjoy working with hip-hop and experimental music – I've been fortunate enough to work with some really talented people and I look forward to working with many more. 

MT: What inspired you to get into music?

SW: I've always loved musical instruments and from as early as I can remember I was obsessed with the piano... any time I visited a friend who had one I would be on it constantly. As a kid and young teen, I found myself surrounded by music and musical people and this – coupled with my love for instruments – just led to a natural progression where I now find myself constantly surrounded by music.


MT: What are your ambitions for the future?

SW: I plan to continue working in mixing, production and mastering work, as well as some recording work. I really enjoy being able to work remotely and plan to live between a couple of places, taking my work with me as well as integrating into the international scenes. I love working with people I'm friends with and developing new, close working relationships. I also work as an artist producing audio and audiovisual works. I plan to continue to develop and refine my practice parallel to my production and mixing work. 


MT: What is your take on the Scottish music industry?

SW: The Scottish music industry is a very interesting scene. It's full of innovative new music and overall it just feels like a really positive place to create and experiment. I look forward to watching the scene progress and working more within it. 


MT: How has anam creative supported your practice?

SW: anam creative has supported me by further developing my working relationships with those around me, as well as introducing me to more people I may not have had the opportunity to work with otherwise.  

MT: What does collaboration mean to you?

SW: Collaboration to me is taking multiple ways of thinking, multiple perspectives and creating a singular, more complex work. That's to say the work is more than simply multiple individual efforts... the act of adding the individual efforts together yields something more. I love collaborating and really think you can make something special through it. 

You can find more about Sam using the links below.
  • samwebsite
  • Instagram


Published 26/03/21

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