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anam creative is a  community interest company for emerging

creatives based in scotland

our aim is to facilitate paid, process-driven and interdisciplinary


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anam creative: music collab 

'Everyone' out now 

available to purchase on Bandcamp or stream on all major streaming platforms

"I feel that I'm much more connected now with the music and art scene in Glasgow. It's been wonderful to be support financially whilst also learning and growing as an artist." - commissioned artist, music collab

  • Bandcamp
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music

“[The project has been] really life-changing for me, it came at a really important time. It gave me so much confidence to believe in myself and what I’m doing” - Dawn Kelso, Commissioned Artist


"it has an extremely valuable purpose for creating experimental art that speaks to people through the process" - James Mackay, Commissioned Musician

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