sound-production resources page

sharing resources for collaborative efforts

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this page is dedicated to free software for d.i.y. recording and sound production aimed to help young musicians create a sustainable approach to their practice


a list of some free

digital audio workstations

All of the software below is free and allows access to third party plugins and effects. (click the images to access their websites and learn more)


the og open-source daw it's not the most aesthetic but has all the features needed

Waveform Free

the free version of waveform pro with all the features you need


an award-winning daw

(only available on windows)

Audacity is the OG open source DAW


some free reverbs to help you turn up the vibe of your recordings


an incredibly versatile plugin with some amazing presets

Dragonfly Bundle

a bundle of three different reverbs, great for natural and subtle reverberation 



massive reverbs including deep caves to create lovely sounds and spaces


spice up your arrangements with some more instrument sounds and samples

Spitfire LABS

a whole range of different software instruments with plenty of scope to manipulate the sound

DSK Saxophones

hard to get a good sax sound but with a bit of processing this one can be pretty nice

mixing and mastering

limiters & compressors

Limiter No6

a versatile limiter and compressor to help you master your music

TDR Kotelnikov

known for its quality and features this is a fantastic compressor

this page will be updated with more great resources throughout the year, please get in touch with us via Instagram if you have any more suggestions @anam__creative