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reverbs and delays

Valhalla Super Massive

"This is my personal go to reverb, with a wealth of presets and ability to manipulate the sound."

Dragonfly Bundle

"Lots of different reverbs to play with, you can add some nice subtle detail with these."

Oril River

"Incredible vibe can be achieved from this reverb, I like the deep cave preset."

Valhalla Freq Echo

"This delay is easy to use and can help you create some gnarly sounds." 


Spitfire LABS

"Loads of great free software instruments on this."

DSK Saxophones

"Hard to get a good sax sound but with a bit of processing this one gets pretty close."


Limiter №6

"Versatile limiter and compressor"

TDR Kotelnikov

"Known for its quality and features, this is a fantastic compressor. "

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