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anam creative: eco collab 'land' is part one of a two part project commissioning four musicians and two visual artists to collaborate on new work together exploring Scottish landscapes


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Jacob Reid is a musician, songwriter and producer born in Belfast. When moving to Morayshire at a young age, Jacob was inspired to learn the guitar, composing experimental forms of music and taking a creative approach to his instrument - using a fiddle bow to play and using looping feedback with pedals. Since moving to Glasgow, his interests have expanded in tandem with his skills. Jacob now uses voice and piano, exploring jazz harmony and producing on Ableton. Jacobs music elicits a sense of space and ethereality, utilising artefacts of the styles and sounds he consumes while finding a balance between method and intuition based approaches to music making.

jacob reid - musician

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annie donaldson - artist

Annie considers her sculptural practice to be a form of ~non~sense and world making, informed by principles of political and material ecology and ecosophy. Her work questions how we might live in better dynamism and more responsively with the ecosystems whose pulse is also somewhat our own.

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josie ko - artist

Josie KO (b.1998, Epsom) lives and works in Glasgow. Bringing together a kitsch DIY aesthetic full of colour and humour, KO’s work playfully presents narratives which speaks towards the Black British experience. In a white dominated environment, Josie’s work focuses on the history and experience of the black body being subject to the white gaze.

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joe weisberg - musician

Joseph is a multidisciplinary artist whose work ranges from large installations, ongoing photography collections to sonic experiments. Joseph is currently working on two projects as a drummer for Ari Tsugi, and Um. In the eco collab, he has focused on making loop-based songs centred around storytelling using the drums, guitar, and other lying around objects.

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Rose Logan is a Traditional Scottish fiddle player from Perthshire. Storytelling is at the heart of Rose’s work which involves arranging and improvising with original and traditional material. Her writing is strongly rooted in a sense of place, drawing
inspiration from the natural environment, traditional lore and culture. She enjoys responding to and collaborating with musicians across genres, exploring a range of techniques and approaches to sound while positively challenging listeners. 

rose logan - musician

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adam strachan - musician

Adam, also known as @iammours, is a dyslexic songwriter from a small village in Aberdeenshire, now based in Glasgow.


His practice often involves singing melodic and rhythmic ideas into Ableton, looping them, and turning those ideas into different instrumentation. Adam experiments with tape, drum machines, sequencers, and other unusual gadgets.

select works

natural dyeing

natural dyeing

During this collaboration Annie Donaldson led a natural dyeing session for the other commissioned artists. Amongst other dyes, they used buddleia, an invasive species found across Glasgow city, to dye sustainably sourced sheeps wool and cotton daffodil yellow.


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jacob and rose collaborated to create a piece of music exploring communication and nutrient transfer between trees in woodlands via mycelium networks. the music is an amalgamation of improvisation and musical dialogue between the two musicians emulating such an exchange.

urban landscapes: cycling


"I decided to dye with gorse, so I mordanted and dyed silk and linen. The smell was rich coconutty, thick and sweet." - Annie Donaldson.




'The Gorse That Marks the Side of the Crags' is a piece of music made by Joe Weisberg in response to Annie Donaldson's bicycle chain inspired textiles.

The gorse that marks the side of the cragsJoe Weisberg
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