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anam creative: eco collab

online exhibition



anam creative: eco collab is a two part project that commissioned 12 emerging musicians and artists based in glasgow to create work inspired by the scottish environment.

part one commissioned musicians rose logan, joe weisberg, adam strachan and jacob reid and artists annie donaldson and josie ko to develop work exploring land.

part two commissioned musicians ruby allen, rory green and fraser macbeath and artists shanine gallagher, dawn kelso and douglas tyrrell bunge to develop work exploring water.

you can view a gallery of all the emerging artists we've supported, including their bios and socials, here.

the online exhibition features select responsive and collaborative works from the project, curated by the anam creative team.

This project is generously supported by Creative Scotland.


'water' and 'land' moving image works

'land', select works

Idea 2Rose Logan
WoodlandsJacob Reid and Rose Logan
00:00 / 06:53

In their collaborative exploration of woodlands, Rose and Jacob delved into the intricate communication networks of trees within forest ecosystems. Inspired by the complex mycelium connections that allow nutrient transfer, Rose intertwined scientific exploration with her interests in Scottish woodland folklore. Drawing upon this research, the duo met at Jacob's place to jam and experiment with their ideas. Through improvisation, they discovered surprising and unplanned moments, recording their collaboration in an hour long session. Jacob later edited, arranged and produced the emerging composition from this recording, resulting in a unique layering of sound.

Annies ProcessJoe Weisberg
00:00 / 04:16

'Annies Process' by Joe Weisberg is a track inspired by the emotions of repetitive art-making processes. Weisberg envisions Annie's creative stages chronologically, from gorse picking to dyeing and sewing the fabrics together. The composition, serving as a sonic backdrop to Annie's process, incorporates loops to capture the feeling of repetitiveness and the contrasting sensations of spikiness and sweet, coconutty scents. Weisberg aims for a relaxed and introspective yet whiny/deflated atmosphere, mirroring the ambiguous emotions associated with occasionally frustrating creative tasks. The composition is a reflection on the intricate and varied layers of artistic creation.

On Your BikeJoe Weisberg
00:00 / 01:46

"This idea comes from cycling in the centre of Glasgow during rush hour. I wanted the song to feel like a modern-day mini cowboy journey. Navigating the construction works, dodging buses, grunts, sweat, keys jangling, spokes turning. The not so open road... I left space for melodies, vocals, solos or anything in between." - Joe Weisberg

natural dyeing session, led by annie donaldson